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Contract manufacturing and private label

Range of products

We have produced granola, oatmeal, bars and snacks for over 40 years! Our custom production equipment along with our extensive experience leads to superior quality products.

Our extensive portfolio consists of many top National Brand Equivalents, which can easily be customized.  Alternately we have many custom formulas we have created based on our innovation and extensive industry knowledge.


Traditional or modern granola, Muesli, Flakes and Cluster Combos, Functional (Protein, Low Fat etc.), Trend Based (Keto, Paleo, Grain-Free, etc.)


Instant packets (Quaker, etc.), Overnight Oats, Large Format, Cross-functional


Granola bars, Fruit & Nut bars, Nutritional Bars, Sports Bars, Functional (Protein, Nutrient ect), Trend Based (Keto, Low Fat, etc.)


Clusters, Bites, Cross-functional, Trend Based (Keto, Low Fat, etc.)

Packaging capabilities

We offer all popular retail packaging options


We are audited by the following certification groups: SGS International, NGP, Ecocert Canada




non-GMO project



Stephano’s Innovation Pipeline (SIP) is a conduit for the most advanced innovation in food design.  Our team of food developers is ready to take your project to the next level.  We have extensive experience in all of our categories, and we are constantly probing the market for new ideas. Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in ingredients and products as well as staying ahead of the latest market trends.

We continuously work on new processing technologies and developed proprietary equipment designed to produce unique high-quality granola, bars and snacks. 

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